TYT Capital is a private equity fund company that focuses on cryptocurrency investment. TYT uses a value proposition evaluation to assess the mid-term growth potentials of various cryptocurrencies, and a technical analysis of momentum trending to grasp short-term break outs. To the management of TYT Capital, our investors’ mid-term return (three months to six months) takes top priority. Without sacrificing our key positions in cryptocurrencies with long-term values, TYT engage in short-term trading (day to weeks) to maximize our investors’ investment returns.

TYT Capital was founded on the value of trust. Our initial investors were all individuals who have profound belief in the cryptocurrency market; more importantly, they trusted TYT’s set of investing philosophy and trading strategies that we use to make sensible, logos-based investment decisions. If you trust TYT Capital, we welcome you to invest with us to ride with one of the most rapidly growing markets the world has ever seen.

We ask you to NOT invest with TYT Capital, if you DO NOT TRUST our investing philosophy and trading strategies. We inform our investors EVERY change in holdings and decisions we make because we want to inform our investors where EXACTLY their assets are and why we made that decision. We share our analysis of the cryptocurrency market through our Podcast channel because we want our investors to know the exact steps of reason TYT took to come to our investing decisions. We need our investors to feel 100% confident with their money.

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